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We act with integrity ensuring that the end result is moral, ethical and mutual for our clients and partners

What We Do

Within Quality Assets we understand these early days of birthing a business and many of the challenges that will be faced by entrepreneurs, this is why, Quality Assets has a consultancy division where early businesses can pull on the resources and experiences of the Quality Assets team.

From developing traditional marketing strategies to encompassing the latest technology to offer digital marketing plans that yield true returns. When this partnership develops you will get access to key business resources from Accountancy to legal guidance on how to best structure your business.

Interested In Our Services?

Quality Assets are well placed to support established business owners or new owners of established businesses. Quality Assets can offer growth and exit strategies for a business at any stage of its life cycle, so whilst you maybe working in the business why don’t you partner with a team that can get busy working on the business. Quality Assets offer global reach with local strategies.

Our Sector

Early Learning & Childcare

The importance of nurseries in our developmental years cannot be understated, giving children a way to learn and develop social skills at an early age.

We want to help expand the businesses that provide this crucial service to our children. Helping them learn today will let them help the world tomorrow.

Commercial Cleaning & Facilities

Already owning a cleaning company for over a decade we have vast experience within the industry and are looking to acquire more businesses within this sector to help us grow our current company.

How We Compare

Listing With Broker

  • Only 1-2 out of 20 businesses actually sell.
  • Your business stuck on the market holding you back.
  • Upfront fee, regular retainer & larger fee if there is a sale.
  • Business valued incorrectly to increase all fees.

Quality Assets

  • The market value or above paid for your business.
  • Simple process, working together for the best outcome.
  • Confidence that your business is treated with care.
  • The most tax efficient transaction possible for you.

About Quality Assets

Quality Assets is a growing private firm with over 50 years experience in business and a clear and proven investment strategy: driving growth in the SME and mid-market through internationalisation. We have a long track record in investing in key sectors of finance including business acquisition, the financial markets and technology.

Quality Assets has a proven ability to create proprietary deal flow, thanks to our internal deal and research team, made up of dedicated investment professionals, supported by a unique Executive Network.

At Quality Assets, we believe in responsible investing. By engaging in a broad set of sustainability considerations.

We are ambitious for ourselves and for our clients and we conduct business with a strong sense of duty. Our duty to our clients comes before short-term gains for our individuals. We carefully and collectively consider how we fulfill this duty, every day. And our listed partnership model ensures we are accountable and responsible. This influences everything we do, from decisions on deals to the companies we invest in to how we support our clients and each other. We are building an institution that will last beyond our individual desires and goals.

Our values consist of integrity, loyalty, professionalism, transparency & teamwork.

Meet Our Team

Louis Jackson

managing director

Georgia Scrase

managing director


Executive Assistant

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